Top 10 Reasons why B.G. Beads are the World’s Best Fundraising Product - From the Bead Guy

1. BG is the only site on the web to let you choose what colors and what products you want. Matching your school, team or other organization’s colors is easy. You can buy only one color or as many different colors and styles as you like. Other websites and retail vendors require you to purchase an assortment of unwanted colors.

2. B.G. Beads are one of the easiest and most profitable ways to fundraise. B.G. Beads are really beautiful, and if you wear them, people will stop you and ask about them. (Trust us on this, we wear them all the time.) And B.G.Beads purchased by the case earn between 80% to 84% profit! Candy, baked goods, cookie dough, etc. don’t come close in profitability.

3. You never need to go door to door with B.G. Beads. Please never go door to door for fundraising. Recently a nine-year old girl was brutally attacked by a dog in Florida while trying to sell candles. You can make more than enough money at games, rallies and other events with B.G. Beads.

4. Our variety of products provides you with more sales opportunities. You can sell different B.G.Beads at different events. If you really need to raise a lot of money, start by selling our Rounds at one or two sporting events to build up demand. Students will continue wearing the B.G. Beads at future events. Then you can start selling new and different products, like our Nuggets or Discs, at future games. Students can collect them all. (Discs, by the way make $2.10 each in profit when purchased by the case!)

5. B.G. Beads are lightweight and easy to carry. It’s easy to wear a dozen B.G. Beads at one time and to sell them before classes, during lunch, after school and at events - depending on school rules, of course. Several dozen B.G. Beads can be carried in a backpack.

6. B.G. Beads are the latest craze. Starting at Mardi Gras, we’ve seen beads being sold in California, Florida, Las Vegas, Ohio, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Mexico, and just about everywhere people are having fun. B.G.Beads are among the absolute highest quality, most beautiful Mardi Gras style beads available.

7. B.G. Beads are a great way to raise the spirit level at sporting events. If you throw a few dozen strands of B.G.Beads into a crowd at a sporting event, they will go nuts. Be careful that your audience doesn’t go too crazy, but this is a great way to raise excitement and create higher demand for beads.

8. B.G. Beads are fantastic for year-round fundraising. Sell beads in August to get ready for fall sporting events and the beginning of a new school year. Don’t forget party favors for homecoming and holiday dances. New Year’s and Valentine’s Day (see our specialty Hearts) are perfect mid-winter fundraising opportunities. Then onto spring! Rally your seniors for prom and graduation parties with your school colors.

9. B.G. Beads are nonperishable. They don’t melt, they don’t go bad, you won’t eat half your products, they have zero calories, and they don’t cause cavities.

10. B.G. Beads can be sold year round to raise money during the holidays.

Valentines Day February 14th – B.G.Beads will be selling our Hearts. Available in White, Red, and Pink, they’re a great Valentines Fundraiser! Send white hearts to friends, pink hearts for secret crushes, and red hearts for someone really special!

Mardi Gras – 41 days before Easter – Host a Mardi Gras costume party and fundraiser.

St. Patrick’s Day March 17th – B.G.Beads will be offering various special St. Patti’s day beads including clovers, green hearts, and specialty Irish beads.

Independence Day July 4th – We have red, white, and blue B.G.Beads!

Sweetest Day Mid-October – Another opportunity to use our Heart B.G.Beads.

Thanks for your support! Best wishes,

Bill McLaren
The Bead Guy

1. P.S. We’d love to hear your stories of fundraising success. Write and tell us how you sold B.G. Beads and how much money you made! Be sure to include any photos. We will post the best ideas, photos, and stories here on our website!