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B.G. Beads are the #1 way to raise money
and show your school spirit!

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Please note White Pearl, Black Pearl and True Black will be slightly more.

We accept purchase orders from your school or organization, Pay Pal and all major credit cards. Please call to place your order.

Perfect for selling at all sport events!

B.G. Beads are dazzling, beautiful necklaces.

They come in various styles and a large variety of colors to match your team, school, or organization.

B.G. Beads are the perfect fundraisers!

They can be purchased for as little as 7 per necklace and resold at sporting events and fundraisers for $1.00. That's a profit of over 80% per necklace, making B.G. Beads one of the most profitable fundraising products available.

Best of all, B.G. Beads are super easy to sell.

Everybody loves to show their spirit and the necklaces look awesome. Cheerleaders and other athletes can raise hundreds to thousands of dollars at Games, Rallies, and Home Coming events!!!


You can be the first group in your area to be part of a fun craze that is sweeping the nation!

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